Information is Beautiful Awards: as melhores visualizações de dados de 2018

O site Information is Beautiful, um dos melhores em visualizações de dados, revelou esta semana os vencedores da sua premiação anual.

Um dos destaques utiliza uma metáfora com anéis de troncos de árvores para representar ondas migratórias nos Estados Unidos. Olha que legal:

Arts, Entertainment & Culture

GOLD WINNER: Frames of Mind by Alberto Lucas López for National Geographic

SILVER WINNER: Coins – A Journey Through a Rich Cultural Collection by University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

BRONZE WINNER: Quartetto Sincronie performing Beethoven op. 74 num. 10by Angela TestaManlio Massimetti & Prof. Elena Ippoliti – Università degli studi di Roma “La Sapienza”

Leisure, Games & Sport

GOLD WINNER: Reimagine the Game by Signal Noise

SILVER WINNER: 20 Years 20 Titles by SRF Data

BRONZE WINNER: A Night Under the Stars by Jordan Vincent

Maps, Places & Spaces

GOLD WINNER: Here’s How America Uses Its Land by Dave Merrill & Lauren Leatherby at Bloomberg LP

SILVER WINNER: Italia: The Airship Crash Chronicle by TASS Russian News Agency

BRONZE WINNER: Streetscapes – Mozart, Marx & A Dictator by Zeit Online

People, Language & Identity

GOLD WINNER: Simulated Dendrochronology of U.S. Immigration 1790-2016 by Pedro M Cruz & team with Northeastern University & National Geographic

SILVER WINNER: What 1.2m parliamentary speeches can teach us about gender representation by Durand D’souza with The Pudding & 50:50 Parliament

JOINT BRONZE: Casting Shakespeare by Eric Lin

JOINT BRONZE: Women’s Pockets Are Inferior by Jan Diehm & Amber Thomasat The Pudding

Politics & Global

GOLD WINNER: Bussed Out: How America Moves its Homeless by Nadieh Bremer & Shirley Wu with The Guardian

SILVER WINNER: The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant by Anna Flagg 

BRONZE WINNER: Elected Leaders are Making the World Less Democratic by Lauren Leatherby & Mira Rojanasakul at Bloomberg

Science & Technology

GOLD WINNER: What Happens to the Plastic We throw Out by Brian T. JacobsJason Treat & Kennedy Elliott with National Geographic

SILVER WINNER: Dynamic Planet Interactive Scientific Poster by Science Communication Lab

BRONZE WINNER: Artificial Senses by Kim Albrecht with MetaLAB Harvard


GOLD WINNER: MULTIPLICITY by Moritz StefanerDominikus Baur & Christian Laesser

SILVER WINNER: DayDohViz by Amy Cesal 

BRONZE WINNER: The Long Run by Will Stahl-Timmins & team for The BMJ


GOLD WINNER: Life in the Camps by Weiyi CaiSimon ScarrDarren Schuettler for Reuters

SILVER WINNER: Rape in India by Aditya Jain

BRONZE WINNER: Mass Exodus by Weiyi Cai, Christian Inton, Simon ScarrJin Wu& Karishma Singh for Reuters

Visualization & Information Design

GOLD WINNER: by Shan He & team

SILVER WINNER: Chartable. A Blog by Datawrapper.

BRONZE WINNER: From Data to Viz by Yan Holtz & Conor Healy

Breaking News

GOLD WINNER: How the Thai Cave Rescue Mission Unfolded by South China Morning Post

SILVER WINNER: What Lies in Irma’s Path by FiveThirtyEight

BRONZE WINNER: Trump’s Trade War by Manuel Bortoletti


JOINT WINNER: 30° by Stephan SchakulatMathias Foot, Janna Nikoleit & Franziska Rast

JOINT WINNER: Shifting Gears: Visualizing Cycle Rides by Hardik Chandrahas

Most Beautiful

Simulated Dendrochronology of U.S. Immigration 1790-2016 by Pedro M Cruz& team with Northeastern University & National Geographic

Non-English Language

Satellites: 60 Years in Orbit by Rossiya Segodnya

Community Vote

Historia de Zainab by Visualizar

Impressive Individual

Lena GroegerWhat Happened to all the jobs Trump promised? – alongside a large body of work for ProPublica and other publications. 

Rising Star

Roni Levit with Physical Diagram – Interventions In Public Space

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