Desafio: 1 Origami por dia – o resultado é lindo

Dizem por aí que a prática leva à perfeição. É o que parece ter acontecido com o artista de Origamis Cristian Marianciuc.

Desde primeiro de janeiro de 2015, ele tem se auto desafiado a criar pelo menos um Origami por dia e publicá-los em suas redes sociais. O que nos faz reconhecer que a prática – se não leva à perfeição – chega quase lá!

Seu instagram já possui mais de 32 mil seguidores e suas peças estão à venda, por em média, 500 reais.


Veja abaixo algumas imagens.

Lindo demais!


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“Olympus III” Song of the day: Death in reverse by John Mark McMillan @johnmarkmcmillan Posting this last photo from the series feels quite melancholic. But it’s almost like some sort of closure. And if there is something that I lack in my life is a healthy amount of closure, haha! I started tidying up my room today, but I gave up half-way through. So now I have a pile of stuff in the middle of the room, waiting to be relocated/put back/thrown away. It’s terribly cold outside, and I just came back from a walk. My moustache and beard turned white and my ears are still defrosting. I should probably go downstairs and fix myself a hot cup of mint tea with lemon and honey. Off I go! I hope everyone is having a peaceful weekend! x #origami #icarusmidair #mythology #olympus #white #wings #wings #paperart #papercut #craft #diy #paper #feathers #feather #delicate #miniature

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“Olympus I” Song of the day: Pienso en tu mirá by Rosalía @rosalia.vt As I prepare to put these birds up for adoption, I thought I’d share some group photos. Here are the golden cranes, the first chapter of the mini-series. They hold within themselves stories about epic adventures but also about snow and late nights, oh, and many, many birds’ wings. I already have an idea for a near-future new mini-series, one that is related to Japanese folklore. But before I jump into that, I will probably create a few unrelated cranes, as inspiration dictates 😌 Again, thank you so much for your amazing support as of late! It is much appreciated. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to y’all from the US of A! x #origami #icarusmidair #mythology #olympus #gold #wings #wings #paperart #papercut #craft #diy #paper #feathers #feather #delicate #miniature

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“Prometheus” crane Song of the day: Flickering by Danny Barwick @dannybarwickmusic I worked on this crane over almost an entire week. I took my time, I hesitated to start, I got too excited and then I landed back on solid ground. I got emotional about it. And that’s how I knew this particular bird would have a lasting impact on me. Initially, I created seven pairs of minuscule wings, smaller than I had ever attempted. “Unplucking” each feather became like a meditation. But seven pairs of wings were not enough: so I went ahead and created nine more, nine even smaller pairs of wings. I started a fire within me with the help of 32 paper wings. A cherub poured in gold. #origami #icarusmidair #paperart #wings #wing #feathers #gold #miniature #cherub #angel #prometheus #icarus

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“fashion 2” crane Song of the day: what are you so afraid of by XXXTENTACION @xxxtentacion Today’s crane takes inspiration from the Spring 2019 @dolcegabbana collection. I used their classic palette of black, white, red and gold, while adding my signature wings and floral paper cuts. I used my beloved ‘shirakaba’ washi paper for the white details, and a metallic gold paper for the large wings. For the other gold details, I used a @winsorandnewton gold ink. I love how it give this crane a refined opulence, despite its size. One more ‘fashion’ crane coming this weekend, and there may be another monochromatic mini-collection on its way, we will see. Also, I think I will make fashion a recurring theme in my work, I had a great time coming up with these new designs. I hope everyone is having a lovely end of the week! #origami #paperart #cristianmarianciuc #icarusmidair #wings #feathers #fashion #gold #metallic #dolcegabbana #dolceandgabbana #DGRinascente #dgfamily @stefanogabbana

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Publicitária, vivendo em Tel Aviv.

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